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All of our bulk bags are manufactured using 100% virgin grade polypropylene and contain no fillers or recycled materials.


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We take pride in our customer service and consistently go the extra mile to exceed all of our customers’ packaging needs.


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We are packaging experts that are constantly improving our products to make bulk handling safer and more efficient.


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Founded in Vancouver in 1997, Bagwell Supply Ltd. has over two decades of experience providing best-in-class bulk bags and packaging solutions to a wide range of industries in both Canada and the U.S.

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Bagwell has gained great insight to several industries and have come up with unique, innovative solutions tailored to our diverse customer base’s different processes.

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Customer Testimonials

“Last year our company won a large contract to supply a remote mine in Central America. The supply chain included multiple forms of transportation including rail, shipping and trucking across rough terrains. We needed a heavy-duty bulk bag that could withstand all of the wear and tear from the long journey and multiple movements. Bagwell’s team worked with us to create a custom bulk bag. The new bag has a 50% greater capacity and has proven capable of withstanding the multiple movements and rough conditions. We are very happy with the result, the increased capacity reduces the quantity of bags required for loading, movement and storage and we continue to use these Bagwell bags to supply the mine.”

Global Supplier to Mining Industry

“We have been using Bagwell’s UN rated bulk bags for over 20 years to ship several million tonnes of our chemical products around the world. Over the years, we have relied on Bagwell’s product expertise to engineer the right packaging solutions for our operations and we are very pleased with the many positive customer service experiences along the way.”

Canadian Chemical Producer

“As a food processor, we have the social responsibility of ensuring our products are free from all contaminants and are safe to consume by millions of people around the world every day. To ensure we do right by our customers, we store and transport all of our products using packaging that completely prevents the risk of contamination. Bagwell’s team provides us with food grade bulk bags that offer the reliability we need to ensure our products are delivered at the right time in the right condition.”

Canadian Food Processor

Bagwell Packaging Solutions


Slip sheets, otherwise known as linerboards or pallet liners, are placed on top of the pallet, underneath the product being stored or transported. Slip sheets help stabilize products on a pallet and helps prevent product damage from broken boards, splinters or protruding nails. Additionally, we offer waterproof sheets that offer added durability and are especially useful when working with wet pallets or in rainy conditions.

To ensure optimal handling of bulk bags and the safety of your workers, we recommend using a forklift or crane adapter. The use of a lifting adapter ensures that the bulk bag is lifted by its straps vertically, evenly distributing the force across the bag. This practice is essential for operational safety and greatly reduces the risk of a bag’s strength being compromised.

Our standard adapters are rated for 2,000 kg with a safety ratio of 10:1

Optimal for handling bags with a footprint of 32”x32”

For products that have extended exposure to the outdoors during storage or transportation, pallet covers provide an extra layer of protection from the weather, moisture, UV rays, and a variety of external contaminants. Although our pallet covers are most commonly used for food and chemical products, many other industries have utilized the covers to ensure optimal product protection

Our industrial liners are often used with our bulk bags for added product protection but can also be used to line various packaging products such as drums or rigid containers. Our standard polyethylene liner provides an extra layer to prevent product leakage and contamination, while also shielding your products from water, UV rays and static electricity. The liner is ideal for wet products, as well as granular products, as the anti-static material prevents clumping.

Our denier woven Sandbags can hold up to 30 kg and are a great solution for packaging sands and gravels to be used as flood barriers, temporary dams, and erosion protectors.

Common sizes: 12”x30” and 14”x26”

Also available:
- Sandbag Wire Ties
- Sandbag Tying Tools

Paper poly-woven bags have the same look and feel of traditional paper bags but are reinforced with polypropylene fabric for added durability. The bag consists of an outer layer of paper and an interior layer of polypropylene. These bags are ideal for lower volume packaging of animal nutrition, fertilizer, building materials, and frozen goods. We have various bag styles available including flat tube, gusseted, and valve bags.

Poly-Woven Bags are the perfect bag to use for lower volume packaging of feeds, grains, fire logs and sand. The textile is made up of thin strips of polypropylene that are tightly woven together to create an industrial-grade fabric that is resistant to tears and punctures. We have various bag styles available including flat tube, gusseted, and valve bags.

Heli/Crane Bags are designed specifically to be handled by helicopter or crane. The bulk bags are optimally sized and come with reinforced materials and longer lifting loops to allow for more efficient handling.

Heli/Crane Bags are frequently used to fly product in and out of remote mountainous job sites

Available sizes: 30”x30”x32” and 34″x34″x36″

Containment Bulk Bags are an oversized bag that is intended for repackaging and containment of damaged bulk bags to minimize loss of content but can also be used for a variety of other applications.

Other applications include:

  • - Containing a workplace spill
  • - Containing a de-watering or filtration bag
  • - Lining metal waste bins or other types of rigid containers
  • - Holding bulky, lightweight materials

Our UN-Rated bulk bags comply with the United Nations’ IMDG Code for safe handling and transportation of dangerous goods. For over 20 years, our UN rated bulk bags have been trusted to package PG II and III hazardous materials across a variety of industries. We regularly perform in-house and third-party testing to ensure our UN-Rated bulk bags fulfill the latest regulatory requirements.
Key applications of UN-Rated bulk bags include:

  • - Containment of environmentally hazardous materials or waste
  • - Containment of contaminated soils
  • - Transportation of chemical products
  • - Asbestos removal

Our most popular product, the bulk bag is a very versatile product that can be used for a wide array of applications across many industries. Our standard bulk bags come with a duffel top, discharge bottom, four 10” corner lifting loops and a safe working load of 1,000 lbs. In addition to the various bulk bags we have in stock, we offer full customization on bulk bags to ensure our customers are using bags optimally designed for their specific operations.
Some examples of the many uses of bulk bags include:

    • - Packaging non-liquid products for wholesale/export
    • - Disposal of waste or hazardous materials
    • - Effective means of storing granular products
    • - Filled with sand for flood prevention

Dewatering bags are a safe and cost-effective solution for your filtration needs. The material allows for liquid to seep out while retaining solids as small as 250 microns.
Some of the applications include:

  • - Packaging residual mud from production processes
  • - Dewatering sand & gravel
  • - Coarse filtration of chemicals
  • - Tank and sump cleaning
  • - Cleaning contaminated tools or materials
  • - Separating grease/oil from materials

Available sizes: 35”x35”x40” (1 cubic meter)

Boxbags are a type of bulk with rigid panels, allowing the bag to stand on its own. A versatile product that can be used in food process industries, construction, and for hazardous waste containment.

The advantages of the BoxBag include:

    • - Lightweight, compact & collapsible
    • - Easily double stacked
    • - Forklift friendly
    • - Water & UV resistant
    • - UN-rated version available
    • - Common sizes: 35”x35”x35”, 35”x35”x40”, 48”x48”x50”
    • - 4,000 lb Safe Working Load

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